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Everything you need to know about Living in Macau

What is it like living in Macau?

Living in Macau or Macao will allow you to enjoy standard living in a bizarre fusion of cultures and ancient traditions with modernism.

I have listed down few good to know things about living in Macau. So, here you go….

1. Major Population & Religion

90% of the population is Chinese then followed by Portuguese, Philippines and others. Major Macanese follow Buddhism or Taoist and Christianity.

2. Language in Macau

Cantonese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macau. But Mandarin and English are also widely used these days in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls & etc.

3. Macau Currency

Macanese Pataca or Macau Pataca (MOP) is the currency of Macau. But Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is also widely used or accepted in Macau. Banks and ATMs has both the options here.

Everything you need to know about Living in Macau - Macau Currency  (MOP)
Macau Currency

4. Weather & Climate – Best time to Visit Macau

Macau’s weather is mostly humid and subtropical climate and the island is victim to Typhoons. Typhoons season extends from July to September of the year.

  • Spring – March to May, it is warm and foggy during this time and a comfortable weather.
  • Summer – June to September, the hottest season in Macau and rains occasionally. From July to September is filled with frequent cyclones and this causes heavy storms and typhoons. So, travelers should avoid traveling to Macau during this season.
  • Autumn – October to November, cool and clear weather and the best time to visit Macau.
  • Winter – December to February, cold and sunny in Dec; coldest during Jan to Feb but not freezing. The best season for the newly wed for Honeymoon trips as Hong Kong and Macau are the new favorite Honeymoon destinations now-a-days.

5. Food & Dinning

Taipa is a best place to hunt for the most authentic and delicious street food in Macau. Just go on a Cantonese & Macanese food adventure and especially try out the famous Portuguese Egg Tart which is truly authentic and delicious. You will also find a lot of Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Malay restaurants too. If you are from India and preferably looking for the best restaurants for Indian Cuisine then try out a Indian Lunch Buffet at Golden Peacock at The Venetian Macao and The Himalayan House at Taipa for the comparatively cheap and best Indian/Nepalese cuisine.

Everything you need to know about Living in Macau - Egg tart a famous street food at Macau
Egg tart – a famous street food at Macau

6. Public Safety/Security

As we know that Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, and Macau is even safer than Hong Kong. Crime rate is very low here. For an instance – a car accident can be a major headline on local media and shocks people a lot.

7. Air Quality

Air quality of Macau is far better than most parts of China and is comparatively less air pollution and you get good air.

8. Apartment & Rent

Housing price at Macau is quite expensive but better than the World’s most expensive city Hong Kong. Among the areas of Macau, Taipa Village is the most expensive for living compared to the other areas.

9. Transportation at Macau

Everything you need to know about Living in Macau - Venetian's free shuttle bus for guests, Macau
Venetian’s free shuttle bus for guests, Macau
  • Local Buses – you get public buses for all the locations in Macau but few lines are pretty crowded especially during seasons like Chinese New Year and other local festivals.
  • Macau light railway – it has been built for many years and there is no clue about when it will be finished.
  • Ferries – you get lot many speedy ferries by which you can get to Hong Kong, Guangzhou & Shenzhen within 45 mins to 1 hour.
  • Zhuhai Railway Station – Cross the border to Zhuhai and you will find a Zhuhai Railway station just beside the border gate, there you have high speed trains to many cities in China, Guangzhou, Guilin, Wuhan, Beijing, and etc.
  • Macau International Airport – It is a small airport situated at the end of Taipa village and provides airlines to the biggest cities in China and Asia. But if you want go to Australia, America or Europe countries then you may go to Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Guangzhou and fly from there.

Also, there are many free and comfortable shuttle bus lines provided by all casinos and can take you to important destinations in Macau.

10. Shopping

Everything you need to know about Living in Macau - Hotel The Parisian, Macau
Hotel The Parisian, Macau

As Macau is a tourism hot spot, you will find a lot and lot of shopping malls and destinations out here. Many international brands are available here – you name it and they have it. If you are still not satisfied, get to Hong Kong just by one hour via ferries or Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge as Hong Kong is considered as paradise for shopping.

Lifestyle in Macau is predominantly rich and undoubtedly one would love to live here as there is No traffic, low crime rate, less pollution, no intermittent internet connection, & so on.

Macau is an incredible city, more than a Casinos. It has rich history, heritage and culture with lot many fascinating attractions. Know more about Macau and top attractions to visit in Macau.

Everything you need to know about Living in Macau
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Everything you need to know about Living in Macau
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