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Interesting Facts of Macau

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I’m excited to write my very first blog and share some of my experiences and interesting information about a tiny wonder island – “MACAU or MACAO” with you guys.

Few Interesting Facts of Macau

Macau or Macao is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, with the population of around 653,000 and an area of 32.5 km square, it is the fourth-highest life expectancy and mostly densely populated region in the world. Macau’s territory is highly urbanized and most of its development is built on reclaimed land; two-thirds of total land area is reclaimed from the sea.

Macao was under Portuguese administration until 1999, we can see the city’s rich past everywhere, be its glittering architecture or a well-preserved colonial buildings and the historic center of Macau is listed as one of the China’s most significant World Heritage Site.

Macau Colonial buildings and Senado square - Pavithra's Blog
Colonial Buildings & Senado Square – Macau

Macau is the World’s Casino Capital and Asia’s answer to Las Vegas. It is often described as Las Vegas of East. This tiny beautiful City of Lights is a major resort city and the top destination for Gambling tourism. Macao is the ninth-highest recipient of tourism revenue and its gaming industry is seven times larger than that of Las Vegas.

Since the Macau’s gambling industry is largest in the world, it generates a huge revenue by gambling alone. The vast majority of Macau’s government funding and economy is largely based on Casino gambling and tourism. Although the city has one of highest per capita incomes in the world, it has severe income inequality and wealth disparity.

Macau or Macao- Interesting Facts to Know - The Galaxy Hotel, Macau
The Galaxy Hotel, Macau

Macau is the only part of Greater China (including China and Hong-Kong) where gambling is legal, and thus making it the country’s sole gambling destination. Gambling is strictly a business and investment in Macau, unlike entertainment in Las Vegas.

Macau is a mostly night happening incredible city and is home to many world class lavish Resorts, Hotels, Casinos and Studios.

Top Luxurious Hotels and Casinos in Macau

Being in vicinity to Hong Kong and Mainland China, Macau attracts a vast number of tourists throughout the year and makes an unforgettable stop for travelers. Macau is not just a hot spot for leisure and gambling, it has other charming attractions to explore. Also, learn more about Living in Macau.

Interesting Facts Of Macau
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Interesting Facts Of Macau
Interesting facts of Macau or Macao ; Macau/Macao is the World’s Casino Capital and Asia’s answer to Las Vegas. It is often described as Las Vegas of East ; Macau/Macao is the major hot spot for leisure and gambling ; It is the fourth-highest life expectancy region in the world ; Macau/Macao is a home to many world class lavish hotels, resorts, casinos and studios.

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