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The 5 Best Casino Hotels In Macau

Macau has manifestly surpassed the Las Vegas to become the most triumphant and famous gambling capital of the world. It is the only part of the China where gambling is legal, and owns some of the world’s largest and most extravagant casinos operated by the multinational corporations and is economically dependent on its gambling industry.

Macau has around 45 casinos of which most of them are located on the Macau Peninsula and others on Taipa island. There are 6 main casino operators namely- Wynn Macau, Sands China, SJM Holdings, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Melco Crown Entertainment and MGM China Holdings; they have been expanded and focused on the development of new mega-casino complexes in the last few years.

The city has vibrant blend of rich history and unique Lisbon atmosphere attributes a diverse mix of cultural influences in its fine dining restaurants, charming colonial architecture, entertainment avenues and classical Chinese temples.

Macau attracts more than 400 million visitors annually and is popular hot spot for entertainment. I have tried to list down the 5 best casino hotels for you, make the most of your Macau holiday. These opulent casino hotels offer alluring on-site facilities, spectacular entertainment shows, starred restaurants, outdoor pools and popular locations close to the city’s top attractions.

Where to gamble in Macau?

Here is the list of the 5 best casino hotels in Macau

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao - Macau
The Venetian Macao

It is the largest casino in the world, the 7th largest building in the world by floor, and also the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. The Venetian Macao is owned by the American Las Vegas Sands Company and is modelled on its sister casino resort The Venetian-Las Vegas. Hotel’s design and architecture is inspired by Venice-Italy, features architectural replicas of various Venetian landmarks.


  • Rooms : They have 3000 rooms ranging from standard to premium
  • Casino : It has four themed gaming areas- namely, Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix. The casino consists of more than 6,000 slot machines & 800 gambling tables. They are open 24/7
  • Shopping : It has over 330 retail shops of various international brands
  • Restaurants : Venetian has over 40 fine dining restaurants to intimate bars and cafes.
  • Pools : Four outdoor swimming pools and even outdoor playground for kids


San Luca Canal :  Enhance your Macau trip experience by taking a gondola ride at san luca canal. If you are newly married couples should never miss this romantic ride at Venetian. A gondolier will serenade you with the romantic light music and glide through the blue waterways, taking in the serene ambiance and exceptional architecture.

Artificial Sky : It is such an elegant view at the Venetian square and is a true form of art. The artificial blue-sky ceiling is so amazing and looks like real sky and change through the time like eternal weather & sky, day & night, all year around.

Cotai Arena : It is an indoor arena with a seating capacity of over 15000. It hosts various sports events such as basketball, boxing, tennis, concerts and even international televised awards shows. They also have 18-hole rooftop golf course.

Zaia Show : It is a 90 minutes stage show by Cirque du Soleil, performed in a custom-built theater at the Venetian.

You can also take a walk through its sister property The Parisian -which is just parallel and joins the Venetian. The Parisian is a new French-themed lavish casino hotel, which has a half-scale Eiffel Tower as one of its landmark and you can catch a mesmerizing views of the city from the different levels of the tower.

Wynn Palace

Wynn Palace, Macau - Pavithra's Blog
Wynn Palace, Macau

It is the second luxury integrated resort of Macau. Wynn is the first and only resort in the world with more than 1000 rooms to receive Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Awards. It is very opulent and glamorous glitzy hotel with copper mirrored facade and is known for its stunning floral decor and artworks.


  • Rooms : They have over 1700 rooms ranging from standard to premium
  • Casino : There are more than 1000 slot machines and 350 gambling tables. Players can enjoy playing different variations like poker, roulette, blackjack, and etc. They are open 24/7.
  • Shopping : It has about 106000 square feet of retail space known as Wynn Esplanade – which features a discerning selection of over 50 of the world’s finest brands and iconic designer labels.
  • Restaurants : It has more than a dozen of fine dining and casual dining restaurants.
  • The Spa : Wynn is a home to the largest spa in Macau – popular for Four-handed massages & honey-milk baths
  • Others : Includes large convention space, salon, pool, fitness center & the flower shop. They also host astonishing art exhibitions and there are some wonderful art sculptures on general display.


Performance Lake : It is a 8-acres artificial lake constructed in front of the hotel. Performance lake offers a spectacular view along with aquatic spectacle that incorporates lights and music which runs every 15 minutes until midnight.

Skycab Gondolas : Skycab gives you a lovely experience and it will not disappoint you for sure. You can get to ride the aerial gondola and watch the fountain show for free. Additionally, the new monorail station is reachable within a minutes and Wynn Palace is the first stop on the line. Guests arriving on the light rail can take a skycab gondola across the lake to the hotel entrance.

Hotel Galaxy Macau

A must visit place during your Macau holiday trip. Galaxy Macau looks and feels like an astonishing white palace with a golden crown jewel. They are famous for incredible decorations and architecture; especially their Peacock theme is outstanding.

Hotel Galaxy - Night view with Laser beam - Pavithra's Blog
Hotel Galaxy – Night view with Laser beam


  • Rooms : They have over 1500 rooms ranging from standard to premium
  • Casino : There are more than 1500 slot machines, 650 gambling tables and 30 Poker tables. They are open 24/7
  • Shopping : The Promenade – shopping mall of galaxy located in the ground floor. There are wider selection of mid-range and some higher end retail shops, a food court, eateries, cafes, and cinema; gives you a super convenient shopping experience.
  • Restaurants : Over 120 fine dining and casual dining restaurants.
  • Pool : They have outdoor heated pool with 3 large Jacuzzi’s at the pool deck and plush sun loungers lining with them.


Artificial Beach & Grand Resort deck : Grand Resort deck is the hotel’s crown jewel which is 75000 square meters long -offers scheduled all-day water activities. In fact, it is the world’s longest sky-top aquatic adventure river ride and wave pool.

Fortune Diamond Show : The Diamond Lobby is the main attraction of Galaxy and must watch. Every 20 minutes the fountain displays a giant fortune diamond with lovely music and different themes. This is a spectacular show which spans 5 minutes. It is believed that this metaphor is for wishing casino players eternal luck and prosperity.

Diamond Show with Peacock theme – Galaxy Hotel, Macau

Wishing Crystals : There are beautiful crystals decorated above the pool of water in the lobby. Motion sensor technology has been used to trigger the special visual effects when guests come close. Good luck symbols are flashed from the crystals and reflects in the water when all the crystals are activated.

Golden Cupolas : The towers of Galaxy is covered by 6 picturesque gold leaf cupolas at the top; of which two of them are 24 meters and other four are 15 meters high.

Galaxy Laserama : Galaxy’s Laserama is professed to be the largest laser show in the world. The gold cupolas feature a laser show system which projects laser beam into the sky every 15 mins and is visible across Macau.

UA Galaxy Cinemas : It is the most luxurious 3D cineplex at Macau. UA Galaxy cinemas is equipped with 3D technology and a ground breaking 4K laser projection system with seating capacity of around 1000, 10 theaters, 4 balconies and 5 premium director’s club.

City of Dreams (CoD)

City of Dreams -Casino Hotel _Pavithra's Blog
City of Dreams, Macau

It is maintained by the Melco Crown Entertainment. City of Dreams is the Melco’s second largest property in Macau and is located just opposite to The Venetian Macao.


  • Rooms : They have around 1400 guest rooms and suites
  • Casino : There are more than 1514 slot machines and 450 gambling tables and they have both Land-based and American-styled casinos.
  • Shopping : City of Dreams gives you a top notch shopping experience. Their retail shops are just impressive and they have almost all the world class luxurious brands. You just name it and they have it!
  • Restaurants : They have more than 20 restaurants and bars, including one of the largest in Macau.


Dancing Water Theater: The House of Dancing Water” is a permanent show performed at this theater. This is just a mind-blowing and spectacular show, one must not miss during Macau trip. In fact, The House of Dancing water show has received the “Thea Award” for Outstanding Achievement for a Live Show Spectacular in 2012.

The Grand Lisboa

Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel - Pavithra's  Blog
The Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel, Macau

This is one of the oldest and well-established casino hotels, and is the tallest building in Macau which has distinctive skyline. The Grand Lisboa is the first casino in Macau to offer Texas hold’em poker ring games and was also first to offer craps in the game. Lisboa gives you a truly impressive experience.


  • Rooms : They have around 460 rooms
  • Casino : They offer 1000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables.
  • Attraction :The Star of Stanley Ho” is a permanent display at the Grand Lisboa. It is the world’s largest cushion shaped internally flawless D-color diamond, according to the Gemological institute of America.

For Bookings Contact : +853 2888 3888

Address : Avenida de Lisboa, Macau

The 5 Best Casino Hotels In Macau
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